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at the d.c. office this morning marking the 10th anniversary of the deadly anthrax attacks. >> some of us were unable to come back to brentwood. others of us had to come back to show that we survived. >> brentwood's postal employees were two of the five people killed by anthrax exposure in 2001. bruce ivins was blamed for the attack and committed suicide three years ago. >> not being able to come back would've said he won. i could not have let him win. >> recently, scientists announced a big plan to publish a report saying ivins did not have the equipment to complete the attacks on his own. and memorial service was held late this morning at the basilica on michigan avenue. >>> and man is dead in alexandria, the first homicide of the year. police found the victim suffering from a gunshot wound. he died at the hospital. the name of the victim has not been released, and there is no information on suspects or motive. >>> fbi agents carried boxes of evidence out of a home last night late last night in arlington. neighbors reported seeing agents searching the yard with flashlights. bomb squad u
accused of a cold-blooded killing has left the stand. julianna has been following this story and joins us live with the latest. >> yes, well the prosecution's key witness took the stand just a few minutes ago. he says after all the countless hours he spent with carmela dela rosa he says that in his expertise she is not psychotic nor insane. he says she suffers from a borderline personality disorder. it was not an angry carmela dela rosa that we saw today. the only words that i even saw her spoke or any movement was to turn to her lawyers and say good morning to them. also this morning before the trial started, her defense team tried to plead with the judge to try to get an involuntary manslaughter conviction, saying what she did last november was in no way malicious. then the prosecution came back and said there was no evidence to support that this was anything but a malicious crime. in the end, the judge agreed with the prosecution saying it was not as if carmela dela rosa was just holding her granddaughter and accidently fell on her. so now the jury will have to decide between a first-d
at the village of viers drive and the greta kreuz joins us. >> this is certainly shocking. it is a continuing care community at 9701 viers drive. there is some independent living and there is a skilled nursing facility, which is where this happened. this is what we know. at 9:30 this morning a man entered, into the facility, his wife is in rehab facility here and has been for some time. he went to her room and apparently shot to her and then himself. >> we are investigating these two deaths as an apparent homicide-suicide. a husband and wife were found the seats in the patient's room. >> this is a terrible tragedy and we are deeply grieving for the family. >> no names have been released at this hour. they are still in the process of contacting the husband and wife's family . we could know more later today. they are not released any other details, but they tell us this is an isolated incident, none of the other residents are in jeopardy. they are bringing in grief counselors to take care of these residents and help them through this. that is the latest from abbeville, greta kreuz, abc 7 news.
ago saying they have no intentions of leaving grid they say the new permit is the u.s. constitution and they have the right and freedom to be here. >>they may be starting to clean up but this group does not plan to leave freedom plaza. therefore-day permits expired sunday night at 10:00. organizers say the state and sound equipment will be gone by this afternoon. men of these activists said they plan to stay and sleep here even if it means getting arrested. >> basically, we are living on the hope that the people who are with us and we will continue and we will start our own people's congress. >> there have been a handful of arrests over the past few days. things have been peaceful for the most part. that was until this weekend when a demonstration at the air and space museum turned ugly when dozens of protesters and innocent bystanders or pepper spray by security. >> unfortunately, an editor from american spectator intentionally infiltrated our group and he and another infiltrator went to the front of the line and provoked police. that is something we would never do. >> group member
is just beginning and we will have updates later today. >> the chief also telling us that dozens of people surged 30,000 acres of the woods here before they made this discovery. they said what led them here is following the suspect. wiliam mcquain's mother was found stabbed to death at their condo back on october 12th. they are expected to be brought here from north carolina in the coming days. authorities have yet to release a cause of death. they say that this investigation is ongoing. they say that lopez is the prime suspect in this case. there is no word on when charges will be filed again. authorities made a discovery of remains. this is about 50 yards off of the road. they believe that these are of wiliam mcquain. >> this is so tragic. stay with us for updates on this still unfolding story. you can go to our website police in fairfax are investigating what could be a new possible abduction attempt. two young women are reporting similar incidents after an attempted kidnapping. local school officials are taking action. >> it just three days after fairfax county police say a s
of the u.s. invasion of afghanistan. >> if we can't all come together and hear each other and really look at the causes of all of these problems we are facing, we are going to have a difficult time in the next 10 years. >> group members hold this movement continues across the country, piting middle-class america up against their political and corporate counterparts. >> it is not just the crazies everyone assumes is protesting. it is real people with the real problem struggling on a day to day basis. just like everyone else. >> i can tell you, these people, these protesters come from all over the country. right now they are making their way from the white house to a building downtown where they create drones that are used for war, and then back to freedom plaza where they go to the reagan building where they plan on holding another protest. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> getting crowded. >>> there is some encouraging news when it comes to the economy. the labor department released a report showing the u.s. added 103,000 jobs last month, more than expected. at the national unempl
an effective partner with us. what is also true is that our goal of being able to transition out of afghanistan and leave a stable government behind, one that is independent, one that is respectful of human rights, one that is democratic, that pakistan, i think, has been more ambivalent about some of our goals there and, you know, i think that they have hedged their bets in terms of what afghanistan would look like and part of hedging their bets is having interactions with some of the unsavory characters who they think might end up gaining power in afghanistan after coalition forces have left. what we've tried to persuade pakistan of is it is in their interest to have a stable afghanistan, that they should not be feeling threatened by a stable, independent afghanistan. we've tried to get conversations between afghans and pakistans going more effectively than they have been in the past, but we've still got more work to do and there is no doubt that there's some connections that the pakistani military have with certain individuals that we find trouble, and i've said that publicly, and i've said i
us up to speed out there and their backs. >>> police are investigating a deadly crash that killed a young amish child. this happened in st. mary's county. and on this horse and buggy was crossing the intersection with the light turned red. and three people were thrown from the buggy. a 12-year-old died at the hospital. no charges have been filed. an elderly woman died after a plane crashed into the waters of the chesapeake bay. the small plane crashed yesterday afternoon just a few miles off this island. the pilot says he swam to the island after the plane went down. his mother was also on the plane. he said that she died while they were in the water. they were not able to recover her body. a restaurant customer is injured after police -- after an armed suspect walked into the restaurant at 8:30. witnesses say the man robbed them and then stole cash. a man who tried to resist the robber suffered a lashed to his torso. the suspects fled the area and police are still looking for them. >> a popular restaurant is closed today. ben's chili bowl was temporarily forced t
six days ago. ben eisler joins us with a growing sense of urgency in the search. the dropping temperatures cannot help. >> that's right. it is just starting to rain. thousands of volunteers scarring the woods as well as professional rescue workers. it is really starting to come down. the county is stepping up its efforts. >> thank you. >> as the wind turned cold and storm clouds threaten doswell, virginia, concerns turned to the weather. >> i was asking him how he would like to be out in a t-shirt a few days. >> they will scour the three- quarters of a mile area where he was last seen. >> 20 zones that we want people to check. they are smaller, more detailed a more rugged area. >> 28 teams of volunteers will deploy along with them. many working from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night. some came out for the first time today. others have returned four days straight, like robert. >> any person would want to help this child. >> many parents searched with their own children in their hearts. the boy's parents have not chosen to speak publicly but they are shoulder to shoulder w
of murdering her co-worker. brianne carter has been there all morning. she joins us live with the very latest. >> so far the testimony has centered around march 12 the date brittany norwood arrived at suburban hospital and the day after the prosecution alleges she brutally beat and killed jayna murray. the prosecution showed photos of brittany norwood with a bloody face and cuts on her hand. among those who testified the nurse on duty at that hospital. today, brittany norwood was brought in. he testified that the wounds were superficial lacerations or scratches. he also said she had dried blood on her face, a wound on her forehead, and several scratches on her leg. brittany norwood said she had been laying on her back for multiple hours waiting to die. also she said "there were a lot of things that were odd." there is ongoing testimony at this hour. brittany norwood's family and jayna murray's family are both in the courtroom, and the judge says he expects this trial could last anywhere from eight to 10 days. the prosecution says they would seek life without parole for a conviction. >> we are
missing. it has taken us to the river. >> preparing to cover the 22 square miles he says he can't imagines not helping a fellow father in need. >> it shows you that people still have hard, that they want to come out here and help the community and see a parent in need and outside the special child has been lost. >> he does suffer from autism. his parents have worried his lack of communication skills might hamper the rescue efforts and that he might actually be hiding from the volunteers looking for him. they have brought an autism expert to the area and each volunteer has been briefed on how to handle them should they come across him. >>> more details now -- he has blond hair and blue eyes of last seen wearing a red long sleeve t-shirt. we have the latest updates on the search and a photo gallery online. >>> right now, 12 men and women are hearing the opening statements in the trial of a woman accused of murdering her co-worker in a bethesda store. prosecutors began the case just moments ago. with alive to the courthouse for the latest. >> the prosecution started the c
lawmaker who she may run into. >> you are supposed to represent us. stop playing these games to get yourselves reelected again. stop buddying up with corporations and start paying attention to the people in this country. >> a national parks service spokesman and says they're still waiting for an application from these protesters to come to their office before they make a decision. meanwhile, these arrests are still going on behind us at the senate hart building. we will have much more on this story tonight on abc 7 news starting at 5:00. for now, reporting live on capitol hill abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. more details now. in boston, police arrested more than 50 protesters following an early morning scuffle. police say the occupied boston protesters ignored a warning to move from a downtown location where they have been camped out for more than a week of the arrests began at about 1:30 a.m. this morning. most people were arrested there for trespassing. >>> and knew this man hazmat units in howard county are investigating a gas leak. several neighborhoods near the 8900 block hav
, but there are questions about what led to his apparent death. scott thuman joins us live with what we know right now. >> u.s. intelligence forces and not confirming this but libyans and the national transitional council in libya are ecstatic today. they say they have now killed moammar gaddafi, ending his 42- year rule. there is plenty of celebrating in the streets not only in tripoli but throughout the country right now. there is still confusion over how this may have happened. initial reports indicate he was killed during the last battle to win over his hometown of certificatio -- town of sirte. nato conducted an air strike today on a convoy that was trying to flee bacteria. some believe he may have been in one of those vehicles. nevertheless, rebels on the ground say that they found him and he said please don't kill me and then they shot him anyway. there's still some sorting out to do. arden way, the new government says that he is dead. -- either way. >> he tried to flee and they killed him. when they found him he was alive. >> we shot him somebody shot him with a 9 millimeter gun like this. >> we expec
used to drive to work. i'm thinking about starting again. >> not everyone was unhappy. some we spoke to said the they were able to get out of metro and around the problem and back on their way home. at last check, that man is said to be 39 years old who was struck by the train and is in hospital in serious condition. >> police are arrested a suspected hit-and-run driver after a deadly accident in beltsville. authorities say a man was struck and killed while walking on montgomery road and baltimore avenue last night. witnesses provided police with a description of the car and driver, who authorities say they found just about a mile away. officers have not released the name of the victim or the suspect. no word on if charges will be filed. we are following breaking news this noon. an accused terrorist is pleading guilty to trying to blow up an airliner. in court today umar farouk abdulmutallab confessed to try to take down the flight on christmas day 2009 with a bomb in his underwear. he told the court room that the bomb was "blessed weapon" to save the lives of innocent muslims. the b
multiple locations this morning including here, at the headquarters of the u.s. army corps of engineers. they arrested one employees. another employee was arrested at his home in northern virginia, as well as two other people in northern virginia. they are accused in an illegal kickback and bribery scheme involving $20 million in payoffs. authorities say the suspects made this money by directing particular contracts to a company in northern virginia. an executive from that company is under arrest. they are all expected in court this afternoon. the fbi and the u.s. attorney are having a news conference later today. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we will stay on top of those details. >>> also breaking, a federal appeals court has upheld decisions on a gun rolling. a divided panel voted the ban on assault weapons is constitutional. the restrictions were originally passed by the d.c. council after a landmark supreme court case in 2008. >>> now to the american student accused of murder in italy. she spent four years in prison, and is on her way home today. it is a long awaited on coming
. it is gray and gloomy out there but we are watching a system that could bring us severe thunderstorms this afternoon. adam, phyllis and. >> priest -- adam, fill us in. >> pretty calm right now. this evening is the chance for more thunderstorms, some of which could be strong and severe. it cannot rule out the chance of isolated week tornado later on. check out this rainbow. it was captured by our own brianne carter this morning. beautiful pictures there. we also have rain from culpeper to manassas. moving into fairfax county. call barbara county is seeing the bright -- culpepper counties is seeing the brunt of this. the chance for severe thunderstorms is best after sunset, up until about midnight. >> grief counselors are on hand at a local middle school today where students are in shock at word that one of their classmates has been found dead. search crews found the remains of a 11-year-old william mcquain in clarksburg. the man accused of murdering william's mother could face charges for both deaths. brianne carter has the latest. >> at martin luther king and two-year middle school, a
geared to turn themselves in. >> come forward and let us know. they may be anxious or afraid to do so but we are asking them to come forward so we can resolve this case. >> germantown resident vow to keep hoping for good news in a tragic situation. >> never give up hope. some many good things have happened and can still happen. people have been found in the public really helps. we need help from the public. >> police said while they found nothing significant in their search for william they continue to develop leads in the case and are urging anyone with information to contact them. >> thank you. >>> the racing world is mourning the death of one of its champions. indycar driver dan wheldon was killed in a fiery pileup in las vegas yesterday. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. greta kreusz has more. >>> it was horrific -- a chain reaction of carnage involving 15 cars in las vegas in the 500. going to hundred 20 miles an hour into the term, there is no margin for error. dan wheldon came upon the first wave of cars and had nowhere to go. he went airborne and his car burst into flames
. if there's any way you can get a tow somewhere to a gate or something, i don't care. take us anywhere. >> with no food, water or working bathrooms and frustrated passengers, the pilots pleaded for help. >> i have a paraplegic onboard that needs to come off and i have a diabetic that has an issue. a list of things. i just after get some help." >> jetblue said the airline was open wound and issued an apology saying, "faced with limited options, we did the best we could for their care." one of the passengers said the apology means nothing. >> this should of been a teacher will moment. i'm not sure the message was received. >> the passengers were finally able to the plane on the tarmac. now like millions of others in the northeast they will have to get back to normal life after what is now being called snowtober. brianne carter , abc 7 news. >>> power outages are still a problem for some in our area. washington county, maryland was one of the hardest-hit areas by the storm. several homes in meyersville and and other town were damaged by falling trees and power lines. virginia power says m
successful. people now use the service. expanding into alexandria. >> we are very excited to have another jurisdiction. think that it will be a terrific complement to the existing services already provided. >> six stations will be set up alexandria. the city council approved $400,000 of federal funding. the bikeshare program may be expanding even further. other local jurisdictions such as rockville are considering to join. >>> what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. >>> time is running out. about the latest page.t on our facebook away a vip tour to the country music on november 9 in nashville. do is become a fan of wjla on facebook. will announce the winner in a hours, the clock. . >>> meeting some new friends the bucket list of sofia. she is from chesapeake city, maryland. turning 100 to tomorrow. more than 2800 friends on facebook. meet all that's i can of them. >> her list of friends keeps growing. she wants to reach
affected the u.s., canada europe, asia, and africa. as many as 40 million people were unable to access or send out data on their phones. they are apologizing to customers. but for many that is not enough. it has been the company's biggest outage in years. it blames it on the european infrastructure for the massive data meltdown. >>> also a new warning for parents using booster seats for their children. a new study says that car booster seats and not fit all seat belts. more than 80 were examined. 41 of them fell into the just that category, meaning that they did not properly fit seat belts in every vehicle. 31 booster seats to get -- did get high ratings. for full list, you can go to our website, >>> still ahead, adam caskey is back with a final look what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. >> we have a reminder for you about the latest contest on our facebook page. we're giving away a vip trip for two to t
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